Remote Monitoring of Photovoltaic Plants

Solarpark-Operators and investors benefit from maximized performance and future-proofed investments.

Systematic monitoring of your photovoltaik plants online with InterLink-Solar reduces downtimes and increases earnings. Regularly reports about the earnings provide customer related service to your partners.

In addition your argumentation safety with respect to investors, banks and insurances will increase reasoned of detailled records over the whole life-time of your plants.

Your advantages with InterLink®-Solar:

• Structurizing plants and service providers project-specific
• Organizing error messages and responsibilities zentralized
• Planning maintenances on demand
• Comprehend activities in a facilities-logbook
• Summarizing activities and yields in individual configurated reports
• Representing single-plants, freely defined groups of plants or even your whole project

General about Common-Link's Remote Monitoring System for optimal O&M for PV plants

Operators, investors, and installers of PV installations use Common-Link's monitoring equipment to detect performance deviations in their generating systems at an early stage.

This permits system faults and yield reductions to be corrected - or even prevented from the start in many cases.

Common-Link's modular monitoring system is able to control individual generator strings as well as the inverter outputs. Operation is independent of the inverter type or make, and is therefore compatible with all types of photovoltaic installation.

Simultaneously, operators and service teams obtain precise data about yield - in realtime.

This is ensured by the finely tuned interaction between the hardware for data acquisition/remote transmission, and the analysis & control software package specially developed for this purpose.

Configuration of plant parameters is done individually and conveniently via a secure portal. Access is possible from any location in the world - at any time. What's more, operation is transparent and self-explanatory.

The system greatly simplifies the acquisition and invoicing of the generated power that is fed into the grid.

In addition, the data analysis provides reliable information for technical optimization procedures as well as the basis for economic decision-making by the plant operator.

Hereby, Common-Link offers solutions for all sizes of PV installations - from panels on private homes to solar farms.

Also when it comes to the attractive presentation of high-yield PV installations for the public, operators and investors can rely on Common-Link know-how and products.

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