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Our InterLink V3 is a data logger of the latest generation.

The higly efficient 64-bit quad core ARM processor easily runs complexe applications. The comprehensive power management opimizies performance and power consumption. Thanks to the integrated UPS the InterLink V3 can send messages in case of external power supply failure.

The 7" touch display enables configuration, handling and visualisation. Thanks to the the flat design, the data logger can be easily integrated into existing systems. Many interfaces enable a large range of application.


The InterLink V3 is perfect for moving your digitalisation forward. 
Basic hardware and software components:

  • power-management with uninterruptible power supply
  • numerous interfaces, including mobile communication
  • components for software distribution and software protection
  • real-time clock with automatic synchronization and
  • worldwide time zone consistency
  • continuous self-diagnosis and user-friendly settings


The InterLink V3 is a gateway with distributed sensor networks. It incorporates:

  • numerous interfaces
  • high reliability and
  • power supply based on batteries
  • software architecture which is designed for the future: investment security to be prepared for coming standards in the area of Industry 4.0

InterLink V3 is already used for digitalisation projects in agriculture and projects to improve energy effiency. They all make us of the various possibilities to integrate the device.


VPN, encryption, rights and role systems. Isolation of device, process and user data.   


With InterLink V3 as a gateway we can concentrate on the digitalisation content.  


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