Nowadays, many companies and authorities place very high demands on their network security.

This applies equally for communication systems as well as energy supply systems for certain departments or even entire companies.

In many cases, therefore, remote monitoring of sensitive installations is only possible within a closed, overall internal system.

For such cases, Common-Link offers appliances and gateways, which can be installed by the customer exclusively as local stand-alone solutions for consumption and fault analysis, including a suitable alarm configuration.


This 19-inch unit serves to monitor uninterruptible power supplies in customer networks.

Here are the most important features:

 19-inch rack mount standard

 Integral software application

 Access via customer's in-house Internet browser

 No additional software required

 All software and services are pre-installed "ready for use"

 Straightforward configuration of users and settings

 Alarm messages transmitted as e-mail via customer's server

 Optional: Messages via SMS directly to service personnel

 Highest security standard

Most frequent application areas


 Insurance companies

 Other security-sensitive companies and institutions

Gateways linked to a virtual private network (VPN) enhance the wide range of remote monitoring, remote analysis, and remote control possibilities offered by Common-Link to customers with particularly security-dependent areas and networks.

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