USV Monitoring

Experts agree: Power outages will continue to increase in the future.

Therefore, systems of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) of mission-critical operations and the protection against the consequences of a power failure are becoming increasingly important.

However: UPS can always work only as reliable as it allows their maintenance condition.

COMMON LINK's solutions ...

 continually review the operational status of the power supply

 report faults directly to the competent service unit

 help to optimize maintenance processes and reduce risks

The for this purpose developed hardware is excellent scalable: The spectrum ranges from simple data logger for uncrosslinked single sites through to redundantly connected appliance for customers with over a thousand branches, assets or network nodes.

UPS monitoring by COMMON LINK protects supermarket chains, hospitals, organizers of major events and many other companies or public institutions reliably against power failures in their networks.

From central control stations also widely ramified and decentralized networks can be monitored easily.

Connected service teams and product managers can communicate directly about current events and make any necessary maintenance checks or repairs "in time".

On incidents, if necessary, seamless switching to electric emergency systems occurs.

So malfunctions are excluded and the threat of lost revenue or even recourse claim can be avoided in the first place.



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COOP Schweiz


  • Vatican
  • NASA
  • Various military
  • Various international large banks
  • Olympic summer and winter games since 10 years