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COMMON-LINK's dataloggers consists of three main function units ...

  1. Capturing measurements from sensors or machines
  2. Storing and evaluating the readings
  3. Communication unit, that forwards data to central control

This composition makes our dataloggers secure, reliably and flexible. The system is suitable for monitoring single sensors as well as for huge measuring networks. A wide range of interfaces for application-specific sensors extends the system by simply snapping onto the system bus. The basic device integrates the selected communication unit. It establishes a secure connection to the central monitoring software in the data center - via LAN, cellular or telephone. With the internet browser our customers have access to their data and applications in the protected customer portal of COMMON LINK. Around the clock, wherever they happen to be. The descriptive analysis of all measurement data is displayed in clear graphics. The masks for configuring and managing facilities, events and locations are designed to be self-explanatory and intuitive. If desired, the application can be adapted to the corporate design of the user. There is no need for an additional software installation.

Here are the main areas of application:

 Remote monitoring of PV-Plants

 Own consumption measurements

 Verification of feed-in management

 Consumption optimization

 Analysis of efficiency

 Remote monitoring of UPS devices

 Remote monitoring of wind plants

 Remote monitoring of refrigeration plants

The following extensions are available:

 Module for uninterruptible power supply

 Module for the connection of the  phase current meter DC-Monitor

 Module for additional programmable analog inputs

In addition to processing measured values ​​from sensors COMMON-LINK also offers dataloggers for reading existing communication protocols. In this case the datalogger "speaks" the "language" of the respective user protocol - the device "learns" it during a customer project (we can create a specific offer for your case). So COMMON-LINK's dataloggers cover almost all conceivable energy and consumption measurements, as well as the necessary interfaces and protocol languages.

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