Reference Case

Common-Link is delivering the complete remote monitoring solution to the largest PV plant in Thailand.

Common-Link is proud to have the DC-Monitor out in the market in the 3rd generation since December 2013. And the project feedback is incredible.

"I’m extremely happy that we now by securing this project with the most prezise and most robust technology in our previous vendor tests. The conditions in Thailand are very extrem and Common-Link products have been leading technology in all secments under our tests."

“We have chosen Common-Link's control and monitoring system because we have found it the best tool to ensure long-term benefits from our PV projects. The system will support us in taking the best decisions to optimize the production and maintenance of our solar power plants in the future. "


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The largest PV plant in Thailand is since December equipped with the product. Both EPC, owner and the investors are extremely happy. In addition a major panel maker is using the extraordinary measurement precision to improve their panels. DC Monitor is now out in the 3rd version and follows  this principles: 


1. Fits perfectly - Always

DC-Monitor has been designed in the concept phase to the needs of designers, integrators and installers. The result is maximum freedom in system planning and maximum flexibility when retrofitting of existing plants.
Select the appropriate version for your application with 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, and 32 measurement inputs. Two spring terminals can be assigned per input, this increases the connectivity again. The devices can be freely combined with each other throughout the entire photovoltaic system.


2. secure Performance

All equipment components are designed for the anticipated current and power. The version with 32 inputs resists more than 800kW without losing of accuracy. The generous dimensions of the input and output terminals and the internal busbar minimizes power losses and heat generation.


3. Precision

DC Monitor has one of the highest accuracy in the market. This is the basis for effective fault analysis and an accurate monitoring system. DC-Monitor measures the DC voltage with a deviation of at most 0.1% and the currents with a deviation of at most 0.5%. 

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